Tax Preparation Fees


CURRENT CLIENTS: you will receive an email (in January) stating what your tax preparation fee for the upcoming tax year will be.  If any information has changed from the previous year, please be sure to inform the office of such changes. 

*Please complete the Client Contact Information sheet (tab on left) to update your information.


Please be sure to include your payment when mailing in your tax documents.  Personal checks, money orders, cash and credit cards will be accepted.  If you are scheduling an appointment you may pay at that time.




NEW CLIENTS:  you may contact our office to review what your tax preparation fee will be.  Tax preparation fees will vary upon the schedules that are incorporated into the return. 

Please note that the tax preparation fee must be paid at the time of your appointment or mailed in with your tax documents.

 *NEW CLIENTS - please note that a copy of your last years income tax return is required.  We recommend that you submit COPIES of all documents and that you keep the originals.  We will forward your completed 2019 income tax return via email using a secure server providing that you have paid your tax preparation fee.


*Be sure to complete the Client Contact Information Sheet (located on the left)*