IRS Refund Status

To inquire about your Federal Income Tax refund status: 


PLEASE CHECK THE IRS WEBSITE AND EACH STATE WEBSITE before calling the office about your refund status.  You will need to wait until you receive your tax folder back from our office.  Once you receive your folder you can follow the instructions below:


Go to the IRS website at or call the IRS hotline number (800) 829-1954 or (800) 829-1040.


* Click on the "Get My Refund Status" link.

* Click on "Check My Refund Status"

* Click OK to the US Government message


You will need to type in your social security number, filing status (single, married, head of household or married filing separately) and the refund amount of your expected federal refund.

* Click "Check My Refund Status"


Note:  it can take up to 8 weeks for your refund to be deposited into your account (or mailed to you).  Please do not call the office before reviewing this information online.

NYS Refund Status

To inquire about your New York State refund status:


Go to the NY State website at or call the NYS hotline (518) 457-5181.


* Click "Check Refund Status"

* Put in the numbers displayed in the security check

* Put in the tax year, social security number and select form IT-201

* You will then put in your requested refund amount

* Click "Continue"


New Jersey Refund Status

To inquire about your New Jersey refund status:


Go to the New Jersey website at


Follow the links for refund status.



***For all other states, please check with your state's tax department.