Welcome to the 2019 tax season.  We look forward to assisting you with your income tax preparation. 

We will begin scheduling appointments after January 15, 2020. 



*Please DO NOT scan/fax your tax documents to the office... we are unable to download your documents.


Bring copies with you to your appointment, or you may mail copies to the office if you are not scheduling an appointment.


Taxes can be prepared in one of the following ways:


1. Tax Preparation by MAIL - NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED

2.  In person appointment       


*1.  If mailing in your documents, you may forward COPIES of all of your documents to the Massapequa Park office ~ keep your original documents (you do not need to schedule an appointment). 

 Please DO NOT fax or email your tax documents

*We highly recommend that you mail your documents with tracking to ensure that we receive them. 

*REMOVE all of your tax documents from their envelopes.


* Include payment with your tax documents for your income tax preparation

    ~returns will not be processed until payment is received~


Tax Preparation by APPOINTMENT:

* 2.  If you wish to schedule an appointment, you must CALL the office.  (Please bring all of your tax documents with you to the appointment - DO NOT mail them ahead of time).

* Remember to make a copy of your tax documents.  You may submit your copies and keep your original documents. 

* Please bring YEAR END STATEMENTS ONLY (no quarterly statements). 

* No appointments will be scheduled via email. 

*Please include the updated client contact information sheet.  


*PAYMENT MUST BE INCLUDED WITH YOUR TAX DOCUMENTS and/or submitted at TIME OF  APPOINTMENT.  (See Payment Options tab on the left.)  Returns will no longer be processed without payment and we cannot accept post-dated checks.  

Note: the Fee Collect payment option is no longer available. 


* Appointments must be made via telephone on (516) 797-5005 only.  Please do not request an appointment via email.  Appointments must be scheduled prior to March 25, 2020 (last date of appointments will be March 30).

Payment will be due at time of appointment or upon submission of your tax documents.


NO POST-DATED CHECKS will be accepted.


* New clients may contact our office to inquire about their tax preparation fee.   Fees will vary based upon the schedules that will be included on your income tax return.


* Please note that you must SUBMIT ALL OF YOUR TAX DOCUMENTS AT ONE TIME.  


PleaseDO NOT fax/email your documents 


* Be sure to make a copy of your documents before you submit them to our office.  You may keep the originals and send us the copies.  

* Also, make sure to submit the YEAR END STATEMENTS ONLY... do not send the monthly/quarterly statements.  Please do not send duplicate copies of your documents. 


During the tax season there will be two office locations (see below) for scheduled meetings.  Please bring ALL tax documents and form of payment with you. 


Forms of payment:

*Personal checks will be accepted and are preferred payment.  (No post-dated checks)

*Credit cards are accepted.

*Money orders and cash are accepted.

*Fee Collect is no longer available.



Long Island


Massapequa Park

220 Park Blvd.

Massapequa Park, NY 11762


(516) 797-5005




*February through April only*

845 Third Ave. - 6th Floor

New York, NY 10022

Between 51st & 52nd St.

(516) 797-5005