Although there will be NO IN PERSON APPOINTMENTS this tax season, you are welcome to drop off your tax documents or mail them to the Massapequa Park office.  **Reminder to submit COPIES only and keep your original documents**                                                                      We also recommend that you  mail your documents with tracking to ensure they are received by our office!




*All clients are able to mail or drop off their tax documents to the Massapequa Park office.

*Forward all documents at one time along with payment to our Massapequa Park office.  

*All documents must be removed from their envelopes and verified to be correct. 


We strongly recommend that you mail your documents with tracking so that you know when we have received them.  


We cannot accept faxed or emailed documents as we cannot ensure that all of the proper documents were received and do not want to risk omitting any documents accidently.




Bring copies of your tax documents to the Massapequa Park office during our business hours (see below for hours) 

Be sure to remove all documents from their envelopes and verify that your information is correct.  

Please bring year end documents only (quarterly statements are not needed).


Documents received after April 1st, 2021 may be placed on extension.





Current Clients who wish to be placed on extension must send an email with your name and current address stating that you wish to be placed on extension for the current tax season.  This request must be received by April 1st.  Note:  your tax documents must then be submitted to our office no later than September 15th to ensure they are completed by the October 15th extension deadline.


Massapequa Park Office Hours


Monday - Friday from 9 am to 5 pm

   Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm

Sunday - CLOSED