Quick Checklist for Tax Preparation

Keep copies of your original documents before submitting them to the office

OPEN and REMOVE all documents from envelopes 

VERIFY the information is CORRECT on your documents

* Do not send receipts ~ just send a breakdown of your total expenses

* Only send YEAR-END statements (no quarterly or monthly statements)

DO NOT FAX/EMAIL documents ~ send all documents together with tracking

* UPDATE your information by completing the Client Contact Information sheet   

* Include your driver's license information (copy of front and back)

* Separate children's/dependents documents

* Do not send duplicate copies (as this may result in an error of duplicate submission)


Here is a quick checklist for your tax preparation - please note that NOT ALL of the items will pertain to you (we recommend you look in your prior year's tax folder to see what you might have included):



 Social Security Income (1099-SSA)

 1099's ~

               1099-INT ~ Interest Income (i.e. bank interest)

               1099-DIV ~ Dividends and Distributions

               1099~MISC ~ Miscellaneous Income (include a list of expenses as well)

               1099~R ~ Distributions from Pensions, Annuities, Retirement...

               1099~G ~ Certain Government Payments/Gambling Winnings

               1099~SA~Distributions from HSA, Archer MSA or Medicare Advantage MSA

 Capital Gains/Losses (1099-B ~ be sure cost basis is provided)

 Mortgage Interest ~ Form 1098

 Real Estate Taxes (if not listed on your mortgage statement)

 Charitable Donations (these are the only receipts you need to submit)

 Personal Business Expenses (breakdown only ~ please do not send receipts)

 Educations Expenses ~ Form 1098-T

 529 Contributions (College Savings) ~ contributions/distributions

 Student Loan Interest ~ Form 1098-E

 Childcare (Provider's name, address and EIN/SS#)


 Healthcare Forms (if applicable) ~ Form 1095-A or 1095-B 

 Medical Expenses (only if they exceed 10% of your adjusted gross income)

*Must include  your drivers license information

*Must be sure to update your bank information for refunds