Quick Checklist for Tax Preparation

* SUBMIT COPIES of you tax docuements to the office (keep your originals)

OPEN and REMOVE all documents from envelopes 

VERIFY the information is CORRECT 

* Business expenses are no longer needed (unless you do freelance work/side business)

* Only send YEAR-END statements (no quarterly or monthly statements)

DO NOT FAX/EMAIL documents ~ send all documents with tracking

* UPDATE your information by completing the Client Contact Information sheet   

* Include your driver's license information (copy of front and back)

* Separate children's/dependents documents

* Do not send duplicate copies (as this may result in an error of duplicate submission)


Here is a quick checklist for your tax preparation - please note that NOT ALL of the items will pertain to you (we recommend you look in your prior year's tax folder to see what you might have included):



 Social Security Income (1099-SSA)

 1099's ~

               1099-INT ~ Interest Income (i.e. bank interest)

               1099-DIV ~ Dividends and Distributions

               1099~MISC ~ Miscellaneous Income (include a list of expenses as well)

               1099~R ~ Distributions from Pensions, Annuities, Retirement...

               1099~G ~ Certain Government Payments/Gambling Winnings

               1099~SA~Distributions from HSA, Archer MSA or Medicare Advantage MSA

 Capital Gains/Losses (1099-B ~ be sure cost basis is provided)

 Mortgage Interest ~ Form 1098

 Real Estate Taxes (if not listed on your mortgage statement)

 Charitable Donations (these are the only receipts you need to submit)

 Educations Expenses ~ Form 1098-T

 529 Contributions (College Savings) ~ contributions/distributions

 Student Loan Interest ~ Form 1098-E

 Childcare (Provider's name, address and EIN/SS#)


*Medical Expenses (only if they exceed 10% of your adjusted gross income)

*Must include your drivers license information

*Update your bank information for refunds as well as current contact information